Heat Pump Installation Auckland



AC Plus Ltd. is specialist to provide professional heating and cooling installation services for commercial and residential needs. Heat pump is a one of best unique appliance which is not a plug and play. The execution and cost visibility of a Heat Pump is mostly dependent on its establishment. So it is fundamental that you select the privilege installer.

Unlike other appliances the life, performance & cost effectieness of a Heat Pump is mostly dependent on its installation. Hence we strictly follow only THE BEST PRACTICES, which prolongs the life of heat pump, increases performance & saves a lot in energy bill. We provide Certificate Of Compliance & Installation Report with each installation & advise the users on the instructions to use. All our installers are duly qualified & experienced & possess NO LOSS CARD from IRHACE & Maintenance Passport from Site Safe.

Few reasons why to choose us…
•We are a TOP selling Trademe store maintaining very high level of customer satisfaction which is evident from the 100% Positive customer feedback & reviews.
•We follow the prescribed BEST PRACTICES in installation in NZ.
•We use the top qulaity mateials in installation.
•All our works certified by Certificate of Compliance from NZ Registered Electrician.
•We possess MAINTENANCE PASSPORT for safe working in customer premises.
•We take absolute care of customer premises during installation.
•We have $2 million insurance cover for the customers.
•We assure the quality of work with state of the art equipment & gauges.
•Apart from manufacturer’s warranty, we give 1 year installation warranty.
•We are highly experienced, professional and friendly.
•We never sub-contract to the cheap installer network to keep quality in our hands.

We also provide after sales service of Heat Pump Installation Auckland to ensure its effective usage.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column]

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